ECO program

Las Casas Tenerife donde cuidan el mar

We all know that the ocean is changing and, unfortunately, this is a change for the worse.
Today even the smallest steps towards the environment improvement are important.

Single-use plastic

In the kitchens of villas and mansions of Las Casas Tenerife we installed potable water machines and we offer to our guests comfortable water recipients made of bio-materials.

It is a great alternative to plastic bottles when going on excursions, on the beach or on walks!

Ecological bags

All guests of Las Casas Tenerife are provided with beautiful and comfortable shopping bags.

Now there is no need to buy single-use bags in supermarkets and shops!

Waste sorting

In Las Casas Tenerife we have prepared sets of trash bags of different colors and in the kitchens there are containers for different types of waste.

Waste sorting is easy!


Recently, all the villas and mansions of Las Casas Tenerife have refused to use traditional incandescent light bulbs and have completely switched to energy-efficient LED lamps. The new generation of LED lamps allows not only up to 80% reduction in electricity consumption, but also gives our guests a familiar, warm and cozy yellow light.

Water purification

We do not use chlorine for water purification in pools and jacuzzi of Las Casas Tenerife, cleaning is carried out with the help of anti-allergenic active oxygen. Being the same efficient disinfectant as chlorine-containing chemicals, active oxygen has one important advantage - absolute environmental safety.

No allergies! No harm to the environment!

We continue working to make the houses of Las Casas Tenerife more environmentally friendly. Follow our news on our website and Facebook page.